Alexandre J.

A French artist who is deeply attached to his country, Alexandre.J also delves into other cultures to find creative avenues that his imagination then turns into new worlds.

atelier des ors silk cosmetics
Atelier des Ors

The greatest stories and adventures are often born of an encounter. Atelier des Ors is a fragrance house dedicated to precious essences and the most exclusive and fascinating raw materials. Haute Parfumerie with poetry.

beso beach silk cosmetics
Beso Beach

Waves, sunsets and beautiful people. Feels like a vacation by the sea. Music, far niente and the nicest vibe in an authentic mediterranean style. You don't want to miss it. Come dance it, taste it and smell it. THERE IS NO SUMMER WITHOUT BESO.

Carner Barcelona
Carner Barcelona

Carner Barcelona is a lifestyle perfume brand that brings you the contemporary spirit of Barcelona. This Spanish perfume house wants to convey its Mediterranean soul; its architecture, culture and the unique way in which history merges with the effortless lifestyle and the vitality of its people.

eight bob silk cosmetics
Eight & Bob

Eight & Bob is a niche perfume brand created by the French perfumer Albert Fouquet whose exclusive scents date from the early twentieth century. It is a limited production of unique scents for both elegant men and women for everyday use.


FEDUA is a young and dynamic Italian beauty company created by Luca Gonzini to satisfy the women beauty inspirations. With professional quality products (free from harmful substances), FEDUA offers collections that can describe the inspiration, the research and the personality of each woman.


Haunted by the fear to forget his marvellous experiences in the Eastern world. Alvise Gritti worked for a very long time, transcribing his journeys: from his memories, his art, and his knowledge, Gritti produces their line of products and fragrances. A dream come true.

insium silk cosmetics

INSÌUM's aim is to create a sacrosanct place to which we can escape, where we can devote time to ourselves and where every element is pure, simple and truly effective, not to mention profoundly pleasant and beautiful. 


Jazeel Perfumes is a house of luxury fragrances founded in 2018 by perfumer Ali Alzaabi. His deep emotional connection with perfumes from early in life, made him want to fulfil the need for exclusive and genuine Oriental perfumes that would appeal to both men and women alike.


mancera silk cosmetics

Pierre Montale gives birth to the Mancera House. This is the beginning of a unique collaboration between a father and his daughter. Mancera transcends western and eastern inspirations in this room where four hands are busy at work. This family sonata produces a synesthesic, visual and olfactory dance, a journey to the edge of remote lands. Where myths are born and the future is drawn.


The French ambassador of Oud. The main feature of the Montale perfumes is their love of scents from the Orient and Arabia. On the range of Pierre Montale's most popular scents rises the spirit of the oud, keeper of traditions at the gates to the east. Subjugated by his infinite combinatorial properties, Pierre Montale became the first ambassador of oud for the west.

moresque silk cosmetics

MORESQUE beautifully matches Italian design, fineness and taste with the fascinating art of Arabic perfumery. The brand is a masterpiece of research and creativity which takes its inspiration from the splendor of the Moorish dynasties and architectural identity. MORESQUE is a fusion of Art, history and Middle Eastern tradition with occidental flair. A blend imbued with “Made in Italy” excellence, a signature of style and elegance around the world.

parco 1923 silk cosmetics
PARCO 1923

PARCO1923 tells the scents of centenary trees and old-growth forests that protect rare and delicate flowers. They were preserved over time thanks to the isolation in which the land laid for centuries. In this way the now so-called National Park of Abruzzo Lazio and Molise remained uncontaminated.

Philly & Phill
Philly & Phill

Philly & Phill transfers unique, passionate and emotionally charged moments into irresistible fragrances – Philly & Phill, the creators of the essences of love. Philly & Phill is known for the hungry passion based on electrifying encounters between two people and the associated memories that are so important that they are kept in a diary.

Ramon Monegal
Ramon Monegal

Ramón Monegal, born in Barcelona in 1951, belongs to the most important family of perfumers in Spain. He is a member of the fourth generation of the founders of Myrurgia.

Stephane Humbert Lucas
Stephane Humbert Lucas

Inspired from his travels to the Middle East, Stephane Humbert Lucas launched his first collection in his eponymous brand in 2012 and revealed his love for the Orient that he sees as the cradle of the universe. In the Western imaginary, the Orient refers to pictures of luxury and refinement. The sumptuousness of bright fabrics, the heady scents of spices and flowers, the fragrances, the decors of the Arabian Nights, the ambiance of seraglios.

tauer silk cosmetics

Handmade in Switzerland by Andy Tauer. You need absolute freedom to create beautiful fragrances. And you need time. And the best ingredients you can get. That is the true mystery how to create thrilling fragrances