Meet our new brand New Notes

From the unusual marriage between the most emblematic essences of perfumery, worked and mixed with divergent touches, eclectic notes, exquisitely contrasting accords, new olfactory directions are born. Contemporary and multisensory blends that broaden horizons, beyond pleasure.

New Notes
New Notes


Ojar launch Benelux

About Ojar

OJAR is a fusion of fragrances from the East and the West. Created as a statement of modernity and traditional harmony the brand pays tribute to the art and rituals of Middle Eastern perfume making.

OJAR comes from the word HOJARI which is widely regarded as the as the finest quality of frankincense resin in the world and found in Oman’s Dhofar mountains. Frankincense is one of the key ingredients of the collection.

Beyond a perfume brand, a lifestyle.

Hind Bahwan Founder Ojar